Who does not fail in life? Everyone fails sometimes in life. But, people with every facility, means and richness, their failure often does not come on surface or is seen quite late.

The latest example is Vijay Mallya, whose failure made him to escape.

Second example is of Mr. Subroto Roy, the founder of SAHARA INDIA. Sahara India Parivar, Sahara Group, National Sahara News Paper, Sahara TV Channel etc. etc.

Once there were superhit names. A business tycoon. Since March 2014 he is in judicial custody (Tihar Jail, New Delhi). Please note that Subroto Roy was named by TIMES Magazine in 2004 as the second biggest employer after Indian Railways in India. In 2012, India Today magazine declared Subroto Roy as one of the most influential business tycoon amongst top 10 business tycoon of India.

Asaram Bapu – who was worshipped once, is now in Jodhpur Jail. Jail is became his home. Some people fail, because of their bad character. Some fail due to bad deeds & with some people destiny plays havoc. But failure does not mean end of LIFE. Amitabh Bachchan is a super star. But in the beginning of Film career, he met lots of failure & life was struggle some. If he had lost his confidence, he would not have been a super star of this century. A girl from Uttam Nagar, New Delhi, failed in 9th class. The taunts by family, parents and relatives and friends insulting attitude was intolerable for her. She drunk something poisons. But because of her parents alertness and Doctors skill, saved her life.

She was fond of stitching. Today she is mother of two beautiful and lovely kids. She has kept a sewing machine at home and does a part time tailoring job besides house hold cores. If she died, because of her failure, could she live such a beautiful life?

Here is a true story of another girl.

She fell in love with one of my acquinted beautiful handsome boy. Her parents did not like that boy. The girl escape from home and went to the boy. She wanted him to elope with her as she can’t live without him.

The boy was penniless. He was unemployed. His parents were also poor. He had some very bad habits of drinking and smoking. So always not have some rupees in his pocket. Girl knows about it, but he is a very beautiful and handsome guy and that’s the reason girl love him madly.

When girl came near him boy asked the girl as to where they shall go? It is better if she gets married. He said – I will also manage some money. And one day you escape with the wealth of your husband and then we shall elope at a distant place. Looking to his manliness charm & sweet talks, she agreed readily, to his idea. And she married.

The man she married was a captain in Army. He was very humorous, good natured and a decent gentleman. She had to move at various places with her husband. In the captain’s home she got all amenities, luxury and comfort of life, she could not contact and keep in touch with her lover. And she became a mother of two beautiful boys and a very-very sweet girl.

After many years she went to her parents home to attend the marriage of her younger sister. There she remembered her old lover and on Sunday she went to see her lover quietly. And what did she see?

She saw the lover had married and at 12:00 noon, he was deed drunk and started beating his wife mercilessly for any reason. She slipped from there quietly. Perhaps no one saw him except me. She told me with request, not to say anything to anyone. Yes, listen a third one – Sharma ji used to buy & sell shares in share market. He used to borrow money for his business. People had faith in him to the more than lakhs. During Harshad Mehta’s times he earned a fortune in shares. But when luck did not favour him, he lost lakhs of rupees borrowed from the people.

Sharma ji had three daughters. He saw only darkness in his future. So he cut his wrist. The daughters luck and neighbours timely help saved him.

Then he realised, what a blunder he did. Sharma ji sold his house . Returned people’s borrowed money. He hired a house as a tenant and restarted efforts in life.

He joined a service. His wife co-operated him. The daughters study continued. To day all the three daughters are in a high rank Govt. service. May be a small, but Sharma ji has built his own house. Any failure does not mean end to LIFE.

Mata Devki and Vasudev spent many years in jail of KANS in torture. If Mata Devki had lost her courage because of KANS torture, you would not have read the stories of LORD KRISHNA.

When you end your life, after a failure –commit suicide, then you don’t kill only yourself – but also kill coming generations. Just think !

A person male or female – when dies because of suicide; in case if he/she does not die, then his/her children or children of their children could be Prime Minister, President, a famous writer, Artist or any other big gun, big celebrity, big name of the country or world. But by suicide, he/she also kill a famous face of his/her generation.

Along with you, don’t kill your coming generation. Don’t kill yourself. Don’t commit suicide.

Remember : Failure does not means end of LIFE

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