Keep The Brain Cool

Keep The Brain Cool

There is a limit for a hot thing. If you drink something boiling and without wasting any time gulp below your throat then you will burn your mouth, tongue and throat and you shall start crying and only cold water give relief to you.

If you put a very hot PAKORA in your mouth, then it is sure, your tongue shall burn and definitely you will cry.

If the sunshine is scorching and temp: rises to 50% C, then how long one can walk without shoes in a desert.

What we mean to say, that heat is O.K. up to a limit only.

But the question is this - how much is the limit ?

Before proceeding further, let us tell you a story of drunkard MUSTAFA and his wife FATIMA.

Fatima was tired of Mustafa’s drinking habit.

Once Mustafa asked for tea. Before bringing tea Fatima thought of cooking vegetable as the oven was hot. She had no GAS. Use old ANGEETHEE of charcoal – hence Fatima brought tea a bit late. Tea had gone cold in the meantime. Mustafa sipped the tea and threw the cup on Fatima’s head- “Scoundrel, you brought cold tea. Have you kept some bosom friend in kitchen with whom you were sleeping?

Fatima had to get bandages on her head for a week.

The matter is not yet over. You still have to know something more.

Mustafa was an addict and drunkard. While at home he used to take tea every hour.

That day Fatima was cooking breakfast for her school going son in the morning.

Mustafa’s habit was to drink tea before call of nature; and he asked Fatima for tea. Fatima prepared hot tea and this time she immediately handed over to Mustafa.

Now, Mustafa’s tongue got burnt due to very hot tea as he immediately sipped it. So he got up and poured the hot tea on Fatima’s neck and breasts. Fatima cried. Her neck and breasts got burnt.

Mustafa Laughed and commented, “Oh Foolish lady, have you enjoy now? You burnt my tongue this early morning. Did you bring tea or boiling water?

You people – who are reading this story are angry on Mustafa’s foolishness, high handedness and abuses, then please wait a while.

Shameless and cruel Mustafa entered the bathroom laughingly. After bath when he came out in a underwear, he had to face the music. Fatima started beating Mustafa with a pair of TONGS and KARCHHI and cried, “You BASTERED, enjoy this also.”

While Mustafa was in bathroom, in the meantime Fatima put in oven TONGS and KARCHHI and heated then red hot.

She had been tolerating Mustafa for years together but that very day she lost her patience and temperament. Leaving all works aside, she taught a lesson to Mustafa. She hit him on his cheeks, eyes, nose, stomach, back, thighs, legs, hands and every limb of body and returned in the same coin with interest as Mustafa used to do.

So friends, we were thinking and talking that heat should be up to a limit. But how much should a limit be?

Whether it is sun heat or brain, this heat when exceeds limits, it make losses. So it is good to keep your head cool.

But what about those people, whose Blood Pressure always remains high? Anger is on their nose. They feel manly when they are in anger.

We shall tell such people that it is not at all difficult to control anger. But they have to control their anger themselves and to keep their head cool. Otherwise some Fatima can come in their way some day. This Fatima may be a woman, man, child, or LAW. The angry man bear loggerhead.

And the vast loss of this anger is that angry person does not see right or wrong and it settles down only by taking ones life. So just now take the oath that you will not be angry but keep a cool head.

We want to tell every Mustafa to keep his head cool and every Fatima also. Otherwise Fatima will have to bear the burden of nursing Mustafa for a fortnight.

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